English idioms and metaphors of heatHeat idioms and metaphors are used in English all the time. In this article, you will find 11 easy to use English heat idioms and metaphors with examples. Learn how to use them naturally, like a fluent English speaker!

English heat idioms and metaphors are often used to describe anger, passion, and intensity. From blazing and boiling, to hot and bothered, idioms and metaphors of heat in English can be found everywhere. 

So don’t get hot under the collar don’t be a hot head, because the more you use these metaphors the more you will warm to them! Idioms are always useful.


English heat idioms and metaphors in this article:

  • Blazing row
  • Fiery speech
  • Fiery temper
  • Heated discussion
  • Hot head
  • Hot under the collar
  • A Warm personality
  • Warm hug
  • A Warm reception
  • Warm relationship

… and more!


 Blazing row

 a blazing row:  a furious argument, an intense argumenta blazing row - a very angry argument


Example 1:

“I had a blazing row with Mike last night over nothing. We just keep fighting and I don’t know how to fix it.”


Example 2:

“You know how it is when everybody’s stressed. One minute you’re just asking a question, the next you’re having a blazing row.”


Example 3:

The morning meeting turned into a blazing row about management reforms, with everyone shouting and no one listening.




When was the last time you had a blazing row?


Are you good at calming down after a blazing row?


Have you ever had a blazing row in a restaurant, or seen other people having one?


Common collocations

A blazing row + over <topic>       They had a blazing row over whose turn it was to wash the dishes.

Have a blazing row                          “I walked in on them having a blazing row, so I snuck away.”


English heat idioms and metaphors: Fiery speech

a fiery speech - a passionate and angry speech

a fiery speech:  

a speech that arouses passion and anger

an angry speech with hints of violence


Example 1:

In 1962, a confrontation with the LAPD outside a mosque resulted in the death of a Nation of Islam member. An outraged Malcolm X would condemn this in a fiery speech.


Example 2:

Cheney Embraces Her Downfall, Warning G.O.P. of Trump in a Fiery Speech (news headline)


Example 3:

In a fiery speech at Tiananmen Square, Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping vowed to keep an iron grip on Hong Kong and to conquer Taiwan.




What was the latest fiery speech given by a leading politician?


What are some famous fiery speeches from history?


Have you ever given a fiery speech to a group of people? What about?


Common collocations

in + a fiery speech            In a fiery speech today, the President railed against his critics.


Fiery temper


a fiery temper:  a personality prone to anger, to get angry easily


Example 1:

“She’s always ready to stand up for herself, and has a fiery temper if she sees someone behaving badly. I like that about her.”


Example 2:

Gordon Ramsay is best known for his fiery temper in the kitchen and brutally honest opinions, and it seems his youngest son Oscar is following in his footsteps.


Example 3:

His fiery temper landed him in the news in 2007 when he left a now-infamous voicemail for his daughter calling her a “rude little pig.”




Do you have a fiery temper, or do you keep a cool head?


Who do you know that has a fiery temper?


Do you think it is ok to have a fiery temper, or is it a sign of a bad personality?


Common collocations

Have + a fiery temper     “Don’t mention Todd’s daughter in front of him – they’ve been                                                  fighting and he has a fiery temper.”


Idioms and metaphors of heat in English: Heated discussion


a heated discussion:       a discussion that is almost an argument, a talk that is either angry or excited


Example 1:

While there is little argument about the findings of the research, there is heated discussion about what these findings mean.


Example 2:

New business initiatives can lead to a good deal of heated discussion and debate among staff.


Example 3:

After some heated discussion, agreement was reached and the meeting was adjourned.




When was the last time you had a heated discussion? Did it become a blazing row?


How do you prevent a heated discussion becoming a blazing row?


What heated discussions are taking place in the media today?


Common collocations

Have + a heated discussion          They had a heated discussion with the teacher over their son’s                                                    attendance.

Heated discussion + over               There is a lot of heated discussion in the media over the new                                                        housing tax.


Hot headENGLISH HEAT IDIOMS AND METAPHORS: a hot head - easy to anger


a hot head:  someone who easily becomes angry or violent, a person with a short temper


Example 1:

“He was always a hot head – even in school he would shout at his teachers.”


Example 2:

The movie has two heroes: the aggressive and hot-headed Shiva, and the cool and calculating Mogi.


Example 3:

Trump’s knee-jerk reaction to the report strengthened the impression that he is a hot head and likely to act in an unthinking manner.




Are you a hot-head?


Who is the biggest hot head you know?


Can you think of a time you were hot-headed, when keeping calm would have been better?



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Hot under the collar


hot under the collar:  embarrassed and angry or excited and aroused <this is a quite recent change in meaning>


Example 1:

You could see Keith getting hot under the collar as his boss continued explaining why his performance was below expectations.


Example 2:

She arrived at the premiere in a stunning dress that showed off her toned legs, leaving her fans very hot under the collar.


Example 3:

The governor of the Bank of England is getting hot under the collar, as inflation increases despite voting in favour of leaving interest rates unchanged at a record low.




When was the last time you got hot under the collar because of something someone said?


Does any famous movie star leave you hot under the collar when you watch their movies?


Do you get hot under the collar easily, or are you quite a calm person?


Common collocations

get + hot under the collar              “Look, you asked for my opinion. Don’t get hot under the collar just because you don’t like what you hear.”

leave you + hot under the collar  Ryan Gosling’s latest movie will leave the audience hot under the collar, with many smouldering looks & passionate scenes.


Warm hugENGLISH HEAT IDIOMS AND METAPHORS: a warm hug - a friendly hug


a warm hug:  a friendly and welcoming hug


Example 1:

A big warm hug wrapped with all my love – just for you!                 (message on a greetings card)


Example 2:

Sometimes a warm hug is the only thing that can melt the sadness and ice inside us.


Example 3:

She greeted Diana with a warm hug that surprised the onlookers, who were expecting a more frosty reception.




Do you greet your friends with a warm hug?


Do you ever feel the need for a warm hug?


In what kind of situations is a warm hug a good solution to a problem?



Warm personality


a warm personality: a friendly and affectionate personality


Example 1:

There are few things I’d like to be described as more than having a warm personality! For me, that feels like hugs, sympathy, family, and warm cookies and milk after a long hard day.


Example 2:

“I think George W. Bush has a warm, engaging personality. But you know, the presidency is more than just a popularity contest.”


Example 3:

Brendon McCullum reckons Tim Southee has got great leadership qualities. He added that Southee has a warm personality and the ability to work with the players, who in turn respect his leadership and cricketing mind.




Do you have a warm personality?


Who do you know that has a warm personality?


When can having a warm personality be a problem?


Common collocations

have + a warm personality           “He is just a really nice guy. He has a really warm personality.”

have got + a warm personality   “He’s a really nice guy. He’s got a really warm personality.”



Warm reception


a warm reception: a friendly greeting / a warm welcome, an open acceptance of an idea


Example 1:

The suggestion that tobacco caused cancer was not given a warm reception by research firms, who were often funded by the same tobacco firms such a finding criticized.


Example 2:

The new World Champions were given a warm reception by cheering crowds when their plane landed back home.


Example 3:

The album received a very warm reception from fans and critics.




What stores and shops give customers a warm reception when they visit?


If someone offered you a new diet plan, would you give the idea a warm reception?


What recent government announcement has not been given a warm reception?


Common collocations


receive + a warm reception          Her latest film received a warm reception at awards festivals.

not given + a warm reception      The latest government policy was not given a warm reception, with several ministers resigning in protest.


English heat idioms and metaphors: Warm relationship


a warm relationship:  a friendly relationship, a loving relationship


Example 1:

Sharon and I always had a warm relationship, until mum died. The fighting over her will ended that.


Example 2:

The warm relationship between the world’s most powerful Catholics on display as Biden and Pope Francis meet.                                                                                                                 (News headline)


Example 3:

From Cold War to Warm Relations: How U.S – Kazakh relations are changing.                                                                                                                                                                        (Journal article title)




Do you have a warm relationship with your family?


Do you have a warm relationship with your neighbours?


Who is someone you used to have a warm relationship with, but now don’t get along with?


Common collocations


have + a warm reception               She has a very warm relationship with her parents.



Warm welcomeENGLISH HEAT IDIOMS AND METAPHORS: a warm welcome is a friendly welcome


a warm welcome: a friendly greeting, a friendly welcome to an event


Example 1:

The audience gave a warm welcome to the speakers as they approached the stage.


Example 2:

Did you ever expect your book would receive such a warm welcome from the literary circles here?  (author interview)


Example 3:

Our professional team of hotel staff guarantees a warm welcome and a personalised service.




How would you give a visitor to your home a warm welcome?


How would you give a visitor to your business a warm welcome?


What should hotels do to give their guests a warm welcome?


Common collocations


give + a warm welcome                 All the way from Toronto, Canada, please give a warm welcome to Scott Travis!



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