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Denwa Sensei was created by 3 English teachers who taught in Japan. We have a passion for creating educational but fun lesson plans and researching cutting edge teaching methods.



Hey guys, welcome to Denwa Sensei! Our teaching app is in development, so whilst you wait we have prepared a blog for both students and teachers to peruse. We hope you enjoy reading about various topics, from British culture, to lesson plans and learning English online.

Our story began with an adventure, as we travelled around the world teaching English in Saudi Arabia and Japan. We began as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs), working in elementary, high school and after school classes.

One of those schools was an intermediary, who has agreements with local Japanese governments to provide ALTs to public elementary and high schools; it was based in Saitama.

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the head teacher “Kōchō Sensei”, and was assigned to help different English teachers of interesting characters. I rather enjoyed chatting with one of the teachers especially, who had lived in London previously and had a passion for baseball. In fact, he was so passionate I would often see him practice his swinging technique during English classes xD.  All of the teachers were so warm and friendly, even if they couldn’t speak much English.

I was told that the students this year were the worst in Saitama, however, in reality they were far better behaved than the best schools in the UK. bottle cap towerThe worst students tended to do strange things during my lessons, such as building towers with bottle caps, chatting, fixing their phone with an electronics set or being AWOL.
Phone fixing

Unruly I hear you say? Yeah, that was the extent of the worst students I ever saw lol. In comparison, I read that 25% of UK teachers have been assaulted in some way or another :O. Indeed, Japan is a relatively very safe country.

I remember one mildly awkward situation where I misunderstood Kōchō Sensei’s “Utsukaresama desu”: I took it too literally you see, like “You must be tired”, so I replied, “Tired? no, not really” lol :/. He looked rather confused, since what he actually meant was “Thank you for your hard work”. You see, in Japan there are many sayings used in certain situations, and this one I became quite fond of.


For another of us, I first came to Japan by teaching at one of the big-name English Conversation Schools (Eikaiwa) in Tokyo. After this, I moved on to teaching and lecturing at universities across Japan. Though it wasn’t the plan, Japan quickly became my home, and a place in which I have built a life.

Teaching English in Japan is an amazing experience. It can have a truly profound effect on both your own and your student’s lives. The country itself is beautiful, with delicious food and a never-ending number of places to see and things to learn. Also, the people are exceptionally friendly. They are always willing to work with you to learn more about English, languages, and international cultures, while at the same time being proud of their own culture and excited to share it with you.

I have taught students of all abilities and ages, for a variety of goals and at a number of different institutions. I am excited to use Denwa Sensei to share what I have learnt and experienced, as well as provide a place to bring students and teachers together to promote both English and Japanese language learning!


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