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Can I Learn English by Myself? Helpful Tips and Suggestions

Do you recognize the need to learn English and badly want it, but don’t have enough time and resources? If you want to learn the language of the world but don’t have the money to take a formal English teaching class, this post will serve you with good news. We will outline the tips that will answer the question, “Can I learn English by myself?”

Can I Learn English by Myself? Be Your Own English Teacher!

If you are not yet capable of taking formal English lessons at the moment, it’s a good thing to know that there are ways you can do to enhance and fine-tune your English skills. You can do the following tips for free –and at the time that suits you best.

1. Take things slowly.

If you are determined to learn the English language on your own, it will help if you wouldn’t set a high expectation, or at least at the initial stage. Even if you think you are a fast learner and that you can be your own teacher, being fluent and proficient in using the English language is one of the things that cannot happen overnight. When it comes to learning, it is essential to set realistic goals that you can plausibly achieve within the time frame you can allot for this activity. can I learn English by myself One of the perks of learning English on your own is that you can choose the time, the method, and the place. However, this perk can also be a disadvantage, as you might think that you can always adjust your learning schedule. Perhaps you got too tired that day and you will decide to practice tomorrow until it becomes a routine. No one will be able to learn something new with this attitude, so you have to be disciplined and dedicated.

2. Start your lessons using English learning resources for children.

If you’re already an adult, you might think that this tip is a little funny. However, English teachers and experts highly recommend non-native English learners to think like a child. It means that you have to start on Basic English –from children’s books, television shows, and movies. No matter how old you are, keep in mind that English learning begins with basic sounds and vocabulary. As stressed by the experts, when you begin your self-study using children’s learning materials, you will understand the majority of the content, which will kick your confidence level. Once you feel that you can understand new things about the language, you’ll feel better and more inspired to learn.

3. Take time to listen to your surroundings.

It cannot be denied that almost everything nowadays is being discussed, written, or advertised in English. It is not surprising because, like what we have emphasized above, English is the world’s language. Several nations consider English as their second language, and it is being used almost every day for different purposes. These days, learning English has never been this easy. With over half of the world’s population, recognizing the functions of this language, it becomes normal to hear people conversing in English. Take the time to listen. You see, kids learn their mother tongue by listening. They learn the words from the people that use the language around them. It could be from their family members or their favorite cartoon characters. At first, you might think that they understand nothing and only mimic what has been heard. But, as time goes by, they learn to acquire the meaning of the word, phrase, or sentence until it becomes all too natural for them. If you are not located in an English speaking country, at least listen to movies, music, audio recordings, commercials, and anything that has been made or delivered in English. With plenty of free resources like radio and the web, you can quickly surround yourself with English learning materials.

4. Take advantage of English music.

People may have different tastes or preferences when it comes to music. But come to think of it, who doesn’t love music? Whether you like rock and ballad, classic, or metal music, there is no shortage of options to choose from. To add, most of the music in the world is produced in English. Even artists living in non-English countries release their music with English versions. Instead of absently listening to English music, take the time to focus on the lyrics and the message, and ultimately learn from them. The best thing about using music as a medium for learning is that music is fun, catchy, and engaging. The choice of words is the kind that often sticks in your head. When you like a particular beat, search the lyrics on the net and jive to it. Furthermore, you can listen to English music even while doing something.

5. Watch or read the news in English.

Being updated on what happens around you is an excellent addition to your knowledge. If you have passed the primary stage of learning English, you can level up and watch the news in English. You can use the topics for discussions with your family, friends, and even workmates. Nowadays, people prefer to discuss current events. It pays to engage in the conversation as you’ll learn two important things –how to speak English and how to be aware of what happens around you.

6. Make it a habit to watch films or TV shows in English.

Most of today’s highly-entertaining movies are produced in Hollywood, and they mostly come in English. Like listening to music, most people find watching films the best form of entertainment, whether at home or in cinemas. Even if you are not familiar with some words, the mannerisms or gestures of the characters will help you understand their scripts’ meaning. In case their lines are too deep, you can write them down and search for the meaning later. You can also list down the lines that sound natural to you, or the ones that you understand the most. If you don’t like movies because some tend to be lengthy, you can use short videos on Youtube instead. Today, you have millions of video clips to choose from, and you can even decide the content you want to watch. Whether you like to watch comedies, dramas, documentaries, webinars, or others, you will always find something that will keep you busy.

7. Make your own flashcards.

If you hear unfamiliar or complicated words, write them down on a piece of cardboard. You can put the translation in the back. You can challenge yourself alone, or you can ask for the help of your family or friends. This tip might look simple, but don’t underestimate the power of this method. You can make this activity as a substitute to book reading before you sleep at night. Gradually, make the words harder and longer as you progress.

8. Join an English Club.

Chances are, you know someone who wants to learn English, too. If you have friends or workmates with the same goal, you can form an organization. You can meet once a week and designate tasks for each member. You can also start a group challenge or any activity that will drive you to learn new English words or sentences in a span of one week. In the meeting, you can also implement an “English Only” discussion. Make it fun and exciting. You are learning English, and at the same time, you are building good relationships with other people.

9. Join English forums online.

In case you don’t have acquaintances who want to learn English, don’t get disheartened. There are plenty of alternative ways. There are online forums on the Internet that are specifically established for beginners. Take the time to search those forums and find the one that discusses the topics that interest you the most. If you are curious about a particular subject, you can go on and fire away your question. There are many helpful people out there who will help you. Don’t be shy. Keep in mind that English experts started as beginners, too. They didn’t get to where they are now without asking questions and help from other people. However, keep in mind that you should not always be on the asking side. Try to provide them with information, too, what you have learned or what you want to learn. Be a giver and a receiver of knowledge as much as possible.

Can I learn English by myself? Yes, you can!

While it’s true that taking English learning courses will speed up your learning journey, not all people have the same means to do so. However, if you are determined to learn this language and you have the dedication, you can learn this language by all means and without a doubt! It might take a longer time compared to when you have an English language coach, but with the right attitude and commitment, we are sure you can achieve your goals in the future!

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