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Activity 1: My Birthday


Birthday present image

Early on my birthday the weather was                          , and I went to the park with my friends. We had a picnic, and the food was                            .


However, around 12.30 the weather became                         . Everybody went home early, which made me                           .


Luckily, my family had prepared a surprise party for me. I was                           !


We partied until midnight, and I was tired by the time I went to sleep.


The next day I had work, but I overslept and was late. My boss was                             .   He gave me lots of extra work, and I was                    all day.


Replace the adjectives underlined above with more descriptive ones:


furious                                   awful                        fantastic                    miserable                         exhausted                       overjoyed                     gorgeous                                   hard at it



Free activities for English adjectives 2: My Vacation

driving to vacation image


I had been looking forward to a vacation all year. This year had been a                               year, and I needed a break.


So I was                              when July came and we were on our way to the airport! There was a lot of traffic, but I wasn’t worried. We would only be a little late.


When we got to the airport, it was                           . There were so many people, we couldn’t find anywhere to park the car. It took almost an hour to find a space.


We ran to the airline counter,                              , but there was still time. However, when I reached into my bag I realized I had forgotten our passports!


In the end, we didn’t have a vacation. It was a                   experience.


Replace the adjectives underlined above with more descriptive ones:


terrible                                  challenging                   panicked                         packed                           thrilled



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