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Adjectives are describing words, and vital in any language. Here, you can learn English adjectives free, with tests for you and a free worksheet below!


Learn English adjectives free: Test yourself!

Adjectives are crucial to descriptive language.
Make your English descriptive and artistic!

Can you choose the most appropriate adjective for each sentence?


1. It’s so                                             today that I’m sweating!

                     nice    hot    cold

2. That picture is                                 ! It’s just so beautiful.

                      ugly     exciting    lovely

3.  I had a very                                    vacation. I slept on the beach, had a massage, and ate takeaway every day.

                       relaxing    interesting     stressful

4. Work is very                                   at the moment. I have so much to do, and my new boss is very strict.

                       relaxing       stressful       fun

5. That rollercoaster is really                          .

                       excited      exciting       funny

6. I was so                               when I was on that rollercoaster.

                       excited       exciting      funny

7. There’s no way you will pass the test, it’s                            . You haven’t studied at all!

                      difficult       easy     impossible

8. Sandy used to drive very                        , but because of his accident he drives more slowly now.

 quick       rapid       fast

9. The day I got married was the                             day of my life.

                                happier      happiest

10. That new horror movie is the                               movie I’ve ever seen!

                                scarier      scariest


How did you do? When you’re ready, try part 2!

Learn English adjectives free: Part 2adjectives are a vital part of English language learning

11. You nearly broke a window kicking that ball! You need to be more                                     .

                          careful            careless          caring

12. My old house was close to my office, but my new house is quite                       .

                             near          farther         far

13. My new coworker is very                      . If she isn’t more polite, I think someone will get angry with her.

                             rude      angry      loud

14. I can’t afford a new phone. They’re all too                                      .

                             cheap        expensive      efficient

15. Simone had been working 15 hours a day all week, and she was extremely                                     .

                             tired         tiring       tireless

16. Ugh, the last dish was delicious, but this one is                                  . I can’t eat it!

                            yummy      ugly     disgusting

17. He has a Ph. D so I think he must be very                                .

                            athletic      clever       annoying

18. She runs marathons, swims 14 kilometers every day, and teaches yoga, so I think she must be very                                     .

                            athletic      clever      annoying

19. My little brother is so                                  . He keeps trying to make me angry by hiding my things.

                            athletic      clever     annoying

20. I don’t want to spend my vacation somewhere normal, I want to go somewhere unusual and                                .

                            expensive    exotic     cold


How did you do?


Practicing and using English adjectives is a vital part of improving your English language ability. From checking online thesauruses to using free activities available online, there is lots you can do to learn English idioms free, but the best way to learn is with a teacher! Check our site for more information, activities, and advice!



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