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One of the trickiest word forms for English students to master, adverbs add descriptive nuance and detail to spoken language. Here, you can learn English adverbs free, and even download a worksheet below!


Learn English adverbs free: Test yourself!


Which is the correct or more appropriate adverb?


1. I can’t dance, but I sing well/good.


2. I will never get in a car with him. He drives far too dangerously/dangerous.Don't drive dangerously!


3. Don’t worry if you can only study English 5 minutes a day. It is better to study slow/slowly than not at all.


4. It’s difficult to buy clothes for him. He dresses so fashionable/fashionably, and I don’t know anything about fashion.


5. I will have to work very hard/hardly to finish this project by the deadline.


6. My daughter is failing all her exams. I’m not surprised, because she hard/hardly studies.


7. When you give a presentation, you must remember to speak clearly/loudly.


8. If we finish our work quick/quickly, we will have time to eat before the game.


9. It was a challenge, but the team worked tirelessly/effortlessly to finish the project on time.


10. She dances so tirelessly/effortlessly that it’s like she was born to be a dancer.Do you dance effortlessly?


How did you do? When you’re ready, try part two!


Learn English adverbs for free: Part 2


11. He lived in Australia for ten years, so speaks English quickly/fluently.


12. He speaks so quiet/quietly that I never know what he’s saying.


13. I thought I’d failed the test, but surprisingly/unsurprisingly I passed!


14. She didn’t study for the test, and surprisingly/unsurprisingly she failed.


15. I think Sophie is angry with me. She spoke so coldly/warmly to me this morning. What did I do?


It's nice to be welcomed warmly

16. When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted coldly/warmly by the staff, like we were old friends.


17. She’s new to the job, but handled her first project so professionally/unprofessionally I think she’s going to be a great coworker.


18. It’s ok to have fun at work, but you mustn’t act professionally/unprofessionally.


19. “I wonder how he knew I would be here,” she said thoughtfully/thoughtlessly.


20. “You are looking a bit fat. Did you put on weight?” he said thoughtfully/thoughtlessly.


How did you do? It’s important to check your answers with English-speaking friends, online resources, and especially with a teacher who can tell you the nuance of each adverb.


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