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Is it hotter or colder? More beautiful or uglier? Test yourself here, and learn English comparatives free. 

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Learn English Comparatives Free: Test yourself!


Which is the correct form of the comparative?


1. Today is more hot/hotter than yesterday.


2. This picture is more beautiful/beautifuller than that one.


3. I think baseball is more exciting/excitinger than football.


4. This textbook is much more easy/easier to understand than my old textbook.Some textbooks are easier, some are more difficult


5. For me, English is a lot more difficult/difficulter than Spanish.


6. Next month’s marathon will be more challenging/challenginger than last month’s marathon.


7. I can’t afford this computer, so I need to find something more cheap/cheaper.


8. She didn’t like the quality of the company chairs, so she ordered more expensive/expensiver ones.


9. Last vacation was terrible – I hope my next one will be more fun/funner.


10. Yesterday was bad, but today is even more bad/badder/worse.


Learn English Comparatives: Part 2

How did you do in part 1? When you’re ready, try these next examples!


11. My old pen was really difficult to use, but this one is much more good/gooder/better.


12. I am 2 years more old/older than my brother.


13. I look more young/younger than my sister.Younger or older, it's never too late to learn a new language


14. We’re going to be late unless you drive more fast/faster!


15. Skydiving is far more dangerous/dangerouser than snowboarding.


16. If I have to sit in this hot room for any more long/longer, I’m going to pass out.


17. My new sofa is more comfortable/comfortabler than my old one.


18. Stop breaking things! You need to be more careful/carefuller when you are cleaning.If you regularly break things, you should be more careful


19. My new boyfriend is much more handsome/handsomer than my ex-husband.


20. You need to be more polite/politer when talking with your coworkers. You don’t want to start any fights.


How did you do? Are you confident in your choices? Remember, you can always check them with a teacher online, at Denwa Sensei!


English comparatives are vital for speaking English naturally and clearly, and practice makes perfect! You can find many resources on the internet and in books, and many ways to learn English comparatives free on our website. Check out these posts for more free English learning activities:



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