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Does every dog really have his day? How many clouds have a silver lining? Idioms are extremely important for improving your English. Here, you can learn English idioms free. How many can you use correctly? Also, there is a worksheet below!


Learn English Idioms Free: Test Yourself

Can you match the idiom 1 – 8 with its meaning a – h?


1. Every dog has it’s day


2. Every cloud has a silver lining


3. The walls have ears


4. Easier said than done


5. Good things come to those who wait


6. The best of both worlds


7. Kill two birds with one stone


8. To sit tight



a) to wait patiently


b) It is important to be patient


c) Even negative events have some positive effects


d) Be careful what you say because someone may be listening


e) Solve two problems with a single action


f) Everyone is successful at some point in their life


g) Enjoy the advantages of two situations at the same time


h) More difficult than it appears


Learn English Idioms Free: Part 2

Now, put the idioms into the correct sentence.


1.) I live in the country but work in the city, so I get                                                                                                                       .


2.) If you post this letter on the way to the shops, you can                                                                                                            .


3.) I know things are difficult right now, but                                                                  . Just keep moving and things will get better, I promise!


4.) Well, I lost my job but                                                         . I can write my book now.


5.) They will call soon, I’m sure. Just                                             . I’m sure you got the job, because you said the interview went so well.


6.) Shhh! Don’t talk about that plan here. Remember,                                                                              .


How did you do? 


Practicing and using English idioms is a vital part of improving your English language ability. From checking online thesauruses to using free activities available online, there is lots you can do to learn English idioms free, but the best way to learn is with a teacher! Check our site for more information, activities, and advice!



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