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Want to learn English metaphors free? We have lots of examples and practise activities on our website! Here, you can test yourself on common English metaphors. How many do you know?


You can download a worksheet below!


Learn English metaphors free: Test yourself!


Which is the correct metaphor?


  1. I’m glad I brought this umbrella. It’s raining cats and dogs/a breath of fresh air outside!Rining cats and dogs: extremely heavy rain


  1. Jasmine is a bit of an early bird/night owl. She get up every morning at 5am and goes for a jog. I couldn’t do that!


  1. Everything was going fine at work, until suddenly my manager announced a 5% pay cut for everyone. That really threw in the towel/put the cat among the pigeons.


  1. Paul accused his boss of stealing his lunch from the fridge, but then got a call from his wife saying he’d left his lunch at home! It was a real red-hand/own goal.


  1. I’ve been trying to learn the piano for years, but I never get any better. I think I’m going to throw in the towel/pig out.


  1. I hated my old lazy co-worker, but my new co-worker is a chicken/breath of fresh air. She’s smart, funny, and hardworking.Chicken: cowardly, fearful


  1. Samantha was caught red-handed/once in a blue moon stealing from the office cash box. She was fired immediately.


Learn English metaphors free: Part 2

How did you do in Part 1? when you’re ready, try part 2!


  1. Can you make sure we turned the gas off before we leave? I know I already did, but better safe than sorry/all that glitters is not gold.


  1. Finally I have enough time and money for a vacation! This only happens once in a blue moon/when hell freezes over.


  1. Scott was going to go hang-gliding with me, but he chickened out/pigged out at the last minute.


  1. The company promised me a $150,000 return on a small $4500 investment. It seemed great, but all that glitters is not gold/you can’t judge a book by its cover. It turned out to be a scam.Would you judge a book by its cover?


  1. Denise seems really serious when you first meet her, but actually she’s really relaxed and funny! You can’t judge a book by its cover/all that glitters is not gold.


  1. Jamille is a closed book/an open book to me. You can never tell what he’s thinking.


  1. I lost my job, but you can’t judge a book by its cover/every cloud has a silver lining. I have the time to finish writing my book now.Even in times of darkness, every cloud has a silver lining


  1. Everyone drank too much at the staff party last night. Trayvon was as sick as a dog/as slippery as an eel.


English metaphors are vital for speaking English naturally. You can find many resources on the internet and in books, and many ways to learn english metaphors free on our website. Check out these posts for more metaphors and activities:


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