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Great or excellent? Unhappy or miserable? Expensive or steep? Synonyms are extremely important for improving your English. Here, you can learn English synonyms free. How many do you know? There is also a worksheet below!

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Learn English Synonyms Free: Test Yourself

Choose the word that has the same or similar meaning to the word in bold.


1. The movie we saw last night was great! I really enjoyed it.

Learn English synonyms free: Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're miserable

          terrible    boiling    fantastic   exciting


2. Things were bad last year, because I lost my job, lost my girlfriend, and lost my dog. I was sad.


          bad    miserable    overjoyed    reckless


3. I can’t afford that! It’s far too expensive!


          steep     luxurious    complicated    pleasant


4. I saw Phil for the first time since we split up yesterday, and it was alright – we had a nice conversation, no fighting.


          friendly     confusing    pleasant    steep


5. You have to read this book. It’s very interesting.


          enthralling    exciting    complicated    boring


6. This book is so boring. Nothing interesting ever happens, and I don’t want to continue reading it.


          thrilling    revealing    complex    dull


7. I tried to understand the science lecture, but I just couldn’t. It was too complex.


          complicated    enthralling    thrilling    pleasant


8. Susie loves rollercoasters. For her, they are exciting.Sometimes life is dull, sometimes it is thrilling


          interesting     thrilling    great    boring


9. Susie loves rollercoasters, but for Tim they are scary.


          terrifying    good     terrible     terrific


10. The weather is so hot today!


          freezing    tepid    humid     boiling


How did you do? Think about your answers, and when you’re ready try part two!


Learn English Synonyms Free: Test Yourself Part 2


11. The meeting this morning was long, so I fell asleep twice. I hope no-one noticed.Lengthy meetings can be incredibly dull


          extensive     complicated     brief     lengthy


12. The meeting tonight will be short, so don’t worry. You can go home soon after!


          lengthy     brief      extended     confusing


13. Scott was starving, but in the fridge was only a little food.


          tiny     short      minute     meagre


14. She is the main character in the story, and has really interesting motives.


          leading    important     unimportant    interesting


15. It is very important that you learn English synonyms, because it makes your language more nuanced and communicative.


          vital      miniscule       insignificant        meagre


16. The quality of this product is crucial, and the cost is unimportant.


          vital      miniscule       insignificant        meagre


17. The theatre show yesterday evening was really fun so we had a great time.


          insignificant    short    entertaining     brief


18. They are both very good-looking people, so they’re very popular.


          unattractive    interesting     attractive     exciting


19. Well, his last house was big, but his new house is huge! He must be doing really well at work.


          tiny     enormous     extensive     significant


20. I’m so tired from studying so hard!Studying hard can leave you exhausted


          exhausted     energized     excited    confused


How did you do? 


Practicing and using English synonyms is a vital part of improving your English language ability. From checking online thesauruses to using free activities available online, there is lots you can do to learn English synonyms free, but the best way to learn is with a teacher! Check our site for more information, activities, and advice!



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