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Are you looking for ways that can make English learning more fun and interesting? We bet you’ll love these top 10 free podcasts to learn English!

free podcasts to learn English

Listening to English podcasts present a long list of benefits to English language learners. You don’t need to have plenty of extra time as you can listen to them even while doing something else. Moreover, you can slow down the speed, re-wind or re-listen, anytime and anywhere you are. What’s more impressive? Most of them are free!

Are you fed up with reading books, reviewing flashcards, or attending classes? Perhaps sitting back on a chair while listening to English learning materials would appeal to you. Check out what we have in store for you!

Empower Your Skills by Checking Out These Free Podcasts to Learn English!

General Knowledge



NPR focuses on creating a more educated society, challenged and revitalized by the more profound knowledge and understanding of issues, concepts, and cultures. The rigorous reporting and unparalleled storytelling interact with millions of Americans every day. Notably, it is an American non-profit radio network that is both privately and publicly funded. Millions of viewers see this radio as an enriching and enlightening partner as it uses clear English in concise sentences. This effort makes specific broadcasts the perfect listening material for English learners. Most of the episodes focus on national and global stories. Furthermore, each one contains a wide vocabulary range, as well as familiar English phrases and expressions.

Global News

Global News is a project of the the largest international broadcaster globally, the BBC World Service. In particular, this program publishes two podcasts every day. The stories center on big news and events that happen around the globe. Also, there are varying reports from BBC correspondents stationed in different countries. It means you’ll hear different English accents as well. Above all, the speakers have excellent command of the universal language. You are sure to improve your speaking and listening skills and your vocabulary, too.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

This excellent History-oriented podcast reveals an interesting genre full of intriguing stories. Holly Frey and Tracy Wilson are the hosts, and they will help you explore the past’s key events. The recordings are filled with fascinating facts; the style is relaxed and informal. Crucifixion in the Greco-Roman world, Elizabeth Blackwell, America’s first female M.D., and The Boston Shooting are among the subjects previously presented. Furthermore, the material is so fascinating and well-presented that you will instantly get drawn to it.



Scientific American Podcast: 60-Second Science

Scientific American is one of the earliest science magazines in the world. It updates the public about the latest events and developments in science. It also features the experts’ analyses on various subjects and researches. Many of the speakers are famous writers, journalists, and scientists. They have an excellent command of the language. To sum up, if you like topics about how biology, physics, chemistry, or astronomy, you will enjoy these podcasts. The good news is, you’ll also get tricky English words explained in layman’s term.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind

The podcasts from this resource focus on science and technology. It also discusses theories that explore the boundaries of human understanding. If you are always curious about scientific masterpieces, philosophical wonders, and medical technology, then this one is for you. Some of the most complex topics include evolution, DNA, nanotechnology, and quantum physics in their vocabulary. What’s impressive is that the complex words are explained in simple concepts. It will make you see the beauty of science from a whole new perspective.



Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast

Sports, interviews, characters, animations, compositions, and celebrities are included in this program’s weekly episode. All of this adds up to more than an hour of continuous entertainment and amusement. Scott Aukerman and his guests are blending comedy tracks along with informative productions.

With many laugh out loud moments, this podcast is sure to entertain you while you are learning. While it seems to be quick-paced, the words are clear enough and easy to understand even for beginners. Also, there are several podcast participants, meaning you can hear various languages and dialects.

Success Stories


This American Life

This American Life is one of the most popular and most downloaded podcasts in the U.S. The episodes feature fascinating stories that came from the collection of a well-loved radio show of the same name. Furthermore, English learners would find it easy to connect themselves with the words. The episodes mostly highlight real-life adventures, stories, and daily struggles. Three of the episodes which garnered more than 1 million downloads are Fear of Sleep, Amusement Parks, and Back to School.

Most podcasts feature real Americans answering different questions about general topics. You can hear and familiarize yourself with accents and speed. Also, there are varying accents and speed, depending on the region. Furthermore, you wouldn’t get bored as the stories are funny, surprising, and engaging.

Here’s the Thing

Originally a radio show Here’s The Thing has successfully launched a podcast series in recent years. Alec Baldwin, an American actor, serves as the host. He interviews famous artists, politicians, and other personalities about their careers. These guests mostly their success stories. Also, they often share inspiring stories about their lives, about how they were able to conquer life’s challenges. The conversations between Baldwin and his guests are always full of valuable lessons.



Freakonomics Radio

If you are always curious about the things around you, then Freakonomics Radio would surely appeal to you. The podcasts they release explores the hidden side and mysteries of different things. From pop culture to local and global issues, you would love how the hosts, Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt deliver the stories in a fun and light way. Even if the topics are quite complicated, trust that these hosts can explain them to you. They do it in a way that even novice English learners would understand. There are also random topics that will enhance your knowledge of the language and what you know about the different aspects of life.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know offers answers to various amusing, exciting, or offbeat questions and subjects that mystify our curious minds. The universe is a fascinating place, and there are many secrets out there that can mystify our curious minds. Preceding topics that the podcast tackles include: “Do Zombies exist?”, “How Black Boxes Work” and “Do objects or experiences make us happier?”

The Nerdist

The Nerdist is a platform for English learners who want to explore all the nerdy stuff. It is a comedic interview-style show about the forms of entertainment that specific individuals think over most of the time. It features three stand-up comedians. The acts often involve reading comic books, viewing tv shows, and playing computer games. Interviews of famous comedians and other individuals are also in the episodes of The Nerdist. If you can keep up with the comedians’ amusing and fast-paced discussions, then you should download these podcasts.



Entrepreneur on Fire

The topic draws interest, and the content of this entertaining podcast shows a vibrant business. It aims to help entrepreneurs expand their small firm, inspired by John Lee Dumas. He interviews business people coming from varying industries. His guests often discuss their prosperous journeys as well as the rough times in their lives. Most of the podcasts feature crucial topics like marketing strategies and trends for experienced and new entrepreneurs alike.

If you are a businessman, this one is the best choice from this list of free podcasts to learn English. You will encounter various business jargon and related words. You’ll also get to know many daily vocabulary words that company owners and people in business often use.

Top Reasons Why You Should Get These Free Podcasts Today!

free podcasts to learn English

Several learning institutions are cutting back on textbooks and investing in improved learning technologies. As one of the most recent media to emerge into the mainstream, podcasting is one of the leading innovations in this shift. To sum up, here are many benefits you can get by downloading free podcasts to learn English.

1. Podcasts mainly feature native English speakers. At first, they might sound gibberish to you because they usually speak at a fast pace. The more you listen to how they talk and deliver the words, the better you’ll understand what they say. Not only will you improve your comprehension, but you will also learn the proper pronunciation of English words.

2. By listening to podcasts consistently, you will also find yourself speaking like a native English speaker and not like someone reading the dictionary. If you follow along with a transcript, you will also enhance your reading skills.

2. Aside from listening to the podcasts, you can also challenge yourself. Try to transcribe them or create a summary of what you have heard to improve your writing skills.

Subsequently, these free podcasts to learn English are similarly useful in situations where alternative instructional strategies are challenging due to visual disability. Furthermore, using an array of modes keeps the audience new and engaged in a wide range of communication styles. The broad subject matter often makes the class exciting and also provides them with access to a wide range of information and wisdom.

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