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Are you trying to master your English speaking skills? Here are the best conversation topics in English that you can discuss with your friends and family!

If you’re an ESL learner who is in the process of practicing your English speaking skills, then it’s likely that you want to have meaningful conversations with the people around you. However, it is not that easy to hold a conversation with someone, especially if people are in a rush. To successfully hold a conversation, you need to think of interesting topics every time you talk to someone. That’s where discussion prompts can be helpful. By preparing a list of conversation starters beforehand, you can ensure that you always have something interesting to talk about with others. This can help you to practice your English skills and build your confidence as a speaker.

Read on and master the best conversation topics in English that will help to maintain a good conversation:

Top English Conversation Topics You Can Easily Pull Off

top English conversation topics

1. Funny Conversation Topics

One of the best ways to ensure a lively and engaging conversation is to choose the best conversation topics in English, including funny and embarrassing moments and stories. You can instantly create laughter and break the ice in formal and informal social gatherings. It’s also worth noting that funny conversation topics can immediately remove the dullness or dryness of the conversation. These examples of cases can help you make your conversation a funny one:

• Things you do when you are drunk
• Most amusing crime stories ever
• Funny hobbies
• Personal bloopers and epic fails
• Urban legend and ghost stories
• Funny childhood memories
• How being a nerd can make you rich and famous
• Funny names and their meanings

2. Deep and Meaningful Conversation Topics

Most people spend their daily lives talking about serious matters such as personal problems, family issues, and plans for the future, business, job, and different errands in life. These topics, though quite heavy, can result in a deep and meaningful conversation with someone. It entails two or more persons having the conversation with the goal of achieving a reflective and contemplative dialog.

Here is a list of some important and thought-provoking questions you can ask:

• What are your biggest goals for your life?
• The progress you have made in attaining your goal in life?
• Where’s your life headed?
• What are the highest and lowest points of your life?
• Have your strengths helped you to achieve your dreams?
• What do you do to impress others?
• Are you more worried about doing good things? Or bad things?
• How have your faults hindered you?
• What is holding you back from being the person you want to be?
• The things you find it hard to let go?
• The thing you miss the most when you look into the past?
• What’s the best part of being you?

It’s a good thing to note that talking about life is the same as knowing what lies beneath every person’s surface—having unpretentious and right questions to ask to lead the conversation in a more satisfying and fulfilling direction.

3. Dinner Conversation Topics

Having an interesting topic can make all the difference during dinner time. Whether it’s an icebreaker to start off the meal or small talk to keep the conversation flowing, choosing the right topics can turn a mundane dinner into a memorable one. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with family and communicate about the events of the day. So why not make the most out of your dinner time and choose the best conversation topics in English for a more engaging and enjoyable experience?

First, be creative with your question. Asking creative questions can create a harmonious ambiance during dinner time. It makes the conversation more relevant and exciting. Here are some catchy questions that will surely get the attention of your family member.

• How was your day?
• Are things going fine at work?
• When was the happiest day of your life?
• What’s the worst thing about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
• The weirdest food you want to try?
• If your personality is to be described as food, what would it be?
• The TV series you enjoyed watching?
• Is there a household choir you like doing?
• What is your most favorite family activity?
• How about your ideal family vacation?
• If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
• You’re accidentally trapped in a TV show, what show would it be?
• If you will be witnessing one event in the past, what would it be?
• Your favorite thing to do with the family?

But take note…

To have meaningful conversations, it’s important to hear the opinions of everyone involved. One way to do this is through group discussions. Whether it’s during mealtime with family or with a group of friends, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere is key to encouraging everyone to participate.  You can even try playing lively music to set the mood and get people excited to talk. Draw out to those who are reluctant to speak. Some people are commonly and naturally, talkers in any family or group of individuals, and some are just listeners. Let the talkers be the talkers, but not all the time; the reason for this is to let others do the talking as well. All family members must have their contribution to the conversation during mealtime.

4. Conversation Topics for Dates

Most commonly, we enjoy talking about ourselves. We usually open up about our dreams and ambitions in life, especially to our special someone. In terms of starting a conversation with your date, going personal is sometimes the best way to ask questions that would lead someone to share their plans or goals. However, make sure you know your limits and do not ever use foul words. In this kind of situation, it is good to be more reassuring and supportive to them. In this way, they will feel more relaxed and contented, and therefore you can gain their full trust. It is also recommended to talk about their favorite movies. You can ask them what they thought of the film. Again, you can ask about their realizations after watching the movie.

It can also help ask your date about their passions in life. When asked about this, most people become more interested in the ones who asked about it. The answers can give you a brilliant idea about your date’s inner life. It will also provide them with a good impression of you because this is something you talk about quickly and thus lights you up in an attractive way.

5. Conversation Topics about Women

First of all, it is essential to note that asking someone about their hobbies will easily and instantly get their attention. Here are some questions that can surely help you.

• What’s the worst and best thing about being a human?
• How about the most disappointing plot twist or ending of a book you would have ever read?
• What memory from the past do you keep going back to?
• If you are to choose a place where you can go, where would it be?
• What is the weirdest fear you have?
• What are your favorite TV shows?
• Childhood memories do you still hold on to?
• If money is not an issue, what job will you apply for?
• What is the creepiest question you could ask a group of your friends?

It is also essential to know that most people love giving advice and some words of encouragement. Thus, it is a must that you should let them provide you with life advice, or if not, you will ruin everything about your conversation.

Best Conversation Topics in English: Additional Tips

To have successful conversations, it’s important to use effective conversation strategies. One strategy is to ask follow-up questions related to the answers given by the other person. But, it is essential to put in mind that you are having a conversation, not a mere interrogation. Therefore, when they ask you a question, the best way to answer it is to give a long and detailed answer. Also, you should take turns in listening and talking. It is a crucial way to have a conversation with your family, friends, colleagues, and even those you do not know yet.

Lastly, many people don’t feel like talking for a long time. If someone answers you by just giving one-word answers and doesn’t make eye contact, it commonly means that they are presently not in the mood of having a conversation. It is better to end the conversation and leave them with their thoughts.


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