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2 Great Ways to Maximise Your Motivation When Learning English!

Do you want to maximise your motivation when learning English? Well, we learn English for many reasons:  to pass a test, to travel, to meet new people or feel more comfortable in business settings.

And we do this in different ways: in a classroom, English classes online, conversation schools, etc.

However, whatever the reason, motivation plays an important role in this.  It is the fuel that drives a learner forwards.  High motivation can help people learn more deeply, and also more quickly.  So how can we put more fuel in the tank?

Here are 2 ways to maximise your motivation when learning English:

1. Link your hobby to your learning.

Firstly, think of your favourite hobby…

…perhaps it’s watching movies? Playing basketball? Eating as great restaurants? Reading?

Why do you do it? How does it make you feel? You do it because it’s fun and it makes you feel happy! 

So how can we harness this passion to make learning English more fun?

Let’s use an example.  If you enjoy watching football, try watching it with English subtitles.  Read the scores and reviews from an English website.  Check out some English blogs about your favourite team, or make one yourself!  English doesn’t have to be learnt from a textbook, the world around you is full of great ways to enjoy it.  Linking English with your hobby helps you to link English with something fun!  Think of ways to match your hobby to learning, and you’ll be amazed at how much more deeply you will learn!

2. Maximise your motivation when learning English using the SMART way

This is a popular idea, and can be very effective when used in the right way.


Here are five steps to help you set your Goals for learning English effectively.

Specific – “I want get better at English” is a BIG goal with no direction.  Focus on what you want to improve.  “I want to understand English conversation” or “I want to improve my grammar for my next test” gives you a clear path to follow.


Measurable – Use numbers and timelines to help you track your progress.  For example, “I want to learn 14 news words every week.  That’s 2 every day.”  This is something you can measure and stick to.


Achievable – Don’t go crazy with your goals!  “I will read one full English book every day!” is crazy.  Aim for things you CAN do.  Writing a diary page or reading one news article everyday is very possible and very useful! (for a good website with news articles made easier to read check out


Relevant –  “I want to learn business English!” Is not important if your are studying for a high-school test.  Think about what YOU want or need to learn.


Timed – Give yourself a date or amount of time to complete your goal.  Once you have completed this time, you can change your goals so that you are always improving.

Use your hobbies to maximise your motivation when learning English!


Using these 2 methods can really help you maximise your motivation when learning English. These days, it’s so easy to learn smart and make it fun with your phone!  Furthermore, these apps can help you manage your learning and English classes online can help you study anywhere and offer a wide range of teachers to share your hobbies with!



Remember, learning English is as fun as you want it to be!

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