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Take English Classes Online

There are so many ways to study English, a lot of which are quite fun! You can study alone, with friends, or you can take English classes online.

Reasons to learn English Online


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It is hard to beat the 1 on 1 tuition provided by English classes online. They are:


  • convenient – learn from home!


  • affordable – pay for single lessons, short courses, or long-term!


  • personal – choose your favourite teacher!


Learning English Online is Convenient


Using your computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone, you can learn anywhere, at anytime.

Do you want to study in the evening, after dinner? How about doing it during your lunch break, for just 20 minutes? 

Do you want a single 2-hour lesson every week, or several short lessons every day or two?

You can study anywhere – at home, in the kitchen, in your study, even at work if you can find a quiet room on your break!


Learning English Online is Affordable


Most learning English online sites offer rates by single lessons, or by groups of lessons.

It depends on what you want, and how committed you are. We would recommend buying a small group of lessons, as this is usually cheaper than buying individual lessons.

Once you have found the teacher, or teachers, and course you like, you are free to buy longer-term courses, saving you money and helping you learn English quickly!


Learning English Online is Personal


A good teacher is one who you get along with. Someone who you feel safe asking questions of and talking to.

When you find a good teacher who’s invested in your success, you will find yourself totally immersed in your lessons, soaking up English like a sponge.

On the other hand, maybe you want to talk to as many people as possible? You can!

By learning English online, you can meet hundreds of teachers from all over the world. Would you like to speak with an American, an Indian, an Australian or a British person? Do you want a “native speaker,” or someone who has learned many languages and can share their experiences and knowledge with you? 

We recommend you don’t limit yourself: try lessons with all kinds of people, of every nationality, age, and interest. Learn to communicate with others – remember, communication is the most important reason for most people when learning a language!


Why learn English online?


In large classes of students at a school or college, your teacher’s attention is often split between 20-30 students. So if a particular point is hard to understand, you may feel uncomfortable asking a question and holding up the class. If you can’t ask questions, you can be left behind. It’s difficult to progress if you can’t overcome your obstacles to learning.

This is why studying English with a private tutor online is so effective. The 100% attention you receive will allow you to fully understand every part of your lesson. If you have any questions, your private tutor is there to provide you with the answers. You can learn at your own pace.

In the past it was difficult to find a native English speaker to talk with because you would have to travel to another country or strike it lucky. But now with the dawn of the internet, you can practice your English at home using video chat. There are countless numbers of native English teachers willing to invest their time in your learning, and they can all be found online, on your computer or smartphone.


Learning English online: points to remember


Keep a regular schedule


Keep a schedule when learning English online
Keep a schedule when you are learning English online

Without the support of a private English tutor, you may find yourself lacking motivation to study, sticking to a study schedule and reaching your goals. But when you have a tutor who holds you accountable, it gives you a reason: you won’t want to let your tutor down!

Learning online it is easy to change your schedule when problems happen: late from work? You can study later! A sudden business trip? No problem – you can have the lesson next week!

The convenience of English classes online is fantastic because it’s flexible, which means you can plan your classes around your busy schedule. You can also work at your own pace, deciding how often you want to meet your tutor and change your sessions if needed. For example, you can do a regular 1 lesson per week but increase it to 2 per week if you have an exam coming up soon. Furthermore, you can study in the comfort of your own home! This significantly saves you time otherwise spent travelling to your classes, and allows you to feel more relaxed when learning.

BUT… try to keep as much of a routine as possible. Learning a language can be fun, but also difficult, and when you are feeling tired or stressed it is easy to keep putting off the lessons. Don’t give up! Try to keep a regular schedule of lessons of at least two hours a week – if not more!


Learn from your teacher


Learn different things from your teacher when learning English online
Learn different things from your teacher when learning English online

Your tutor’s sole objective is to improve your English level. Therefore a good online tutor will also provide you with study skills which are transferable to life in general, such as time management, memory skills, organization and the ability to search for and find high quality resources to help you learn.

Ask your teacher about their language learning experiences. Ask them about the common problems other students have encountered in studying English. Your online English teacher has a lot to tell you!



Set goals


Set goals when learning English online
Always set and update goals when learning English online

A lack of emphasis on creating goals and objectives is often a further concern with your typical English school. This is yet another reason why having a private online tutor can really help, because it’s their priority to give you goals and ensure you achieve them.

Goals are vital in learning English. Short-term goals, AND long-term goals. 

What are your goals? Clear, concrete goals are best. Here are some examples:

  • Lead a business meeting at work in English
  • Find your way around London on your trip next summer
  • Publish research in an English speaking journal
  • Understand your favourite American TV series without Japanese subtitles
  • Talk to your new husband or wife’s family when they visit



Why is learning English online cheap?

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Perhaps the biggest concern of attending an English school is the cost. A normal English language school will be expensive because they have many 

costs to cover including building rent, utility bills and insurance. But online teachers are free from these costs and can therefore pass on the savings to you, the student.

Remember: a cheaper teacher isn’t necessarily a worse or better teacher. Each teacher online sets their own rates for a variety of reasons. Whether they are quite expensive, or surprisingly cheap, it is the quality that counts. Find a good teacher, someone you feel is a good combination with you, and choose them for their lessons, not their price!



So there you have it: taking English classes online is convenient, very effective and much cheaper than attending a physical English school. You have a wide selection of teachers to choose from and can study when and how you want. Everyone learns best in different ways, so discover your optimal study schedule and have fun learning English!

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