How to Study English Grammar Easily

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Studying English grammar can be a struggle, or a game. Some rules are easy to learn, while some are difficult. Creating long sentences with clauses can be a challenge, but below are some hints and tips on how to study English grammar easily.


How to Study English Grammar? Learn the basics!


Some rules you will pick up naturally. For example, if you are reading this you already know that, in English, the order of a basic positive sentence is Subject-Verb-Object.


Todd kicked the ball.

The bird flew over the bridge.


Some rules are easy to understand, but difficult to get right every time. For example, the subject and verb must agree in number.


  Rebecca works from home.

They work from home.


There are two easy ways to learn English grammar rules, depending on your personality:


Use a textbook                       or                     Read by yourself


Use a textbook


Textbooks can be dull and unnatural, and often fail to give interesting information or fun activities. However, they are great for demonstrating grammar points. In fact, most textbooks are designed around grammar points! Often, each page will each a single point, with lots and lots of practice.


It bears stating clearly: textbooks are one of the best ways to study English grammar easily.


Some textbooks can be found here.


Read by yourself


You can also learn grammar by reading. It is much easier to understand English than it is to speak and write it, and reading is easier than listening. Even as you read this, you are learning English grammar!


Try reading some short stories. We have many short stories available here.

Read one or two, and note any language you are unsure of. If you understand the overall story, you will be able to work out the meaning of grammar points you are unclear on.


Learn English through short stories here.


However, it is important that you try to write as well. While reading everyday will make you good at understanding English, you need to write to make those grammar rules strong in your mind.


Learn English idioms


Learning English idioms can be a great way to express yourself without worrying about grammar mistakes. They have an inherent meaning that, once understood, allows you to express your feelings clearly and naturally.

You can learn a large amount of English idioms here.



Remember that English grammar rules can be broken


Finally, remember that English grammar rules are rules, not laws. They are often broken or ignored in everyday English!

You will see and hear a million forms of English that disagree with what your teacher told you. You will encounter different varieties of English, from “standard” forms such as British English and Standard Australian, to Indian forms, Singaporean English, African American Varieties of English, and many more.

The important thing is: you must know the rules before you can break them.


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