Idioms For Happy

Idioms for Happy: Beautiful English Idioms of Happiness

There are times when we find it difficult to express the extreme feeling of joy and happiness in our hearts. But did you know that there is not only one idioms for happy? In this post, we take a look at a list of idioms for happiness.

Emotions are powerful things. This is probably the reason why in the English language, there are plenty of phrases we can use to describe feelings. In formal English, we call these types of phrases as idioms, or idiomatic expressions. There are a million different ways we can use idioms of happiness in our daily conversations, in writing, and in life.idiom for happy

What are Idioms?

An idiom is a figure of speech that carries meaning for a single group of individuals. This part of speech derives from an Italian word “idios” which means personal – idioms are personal, and their meaning is not clear from the words themselves. We can understand the meaning through background cultural knowledge.

In studying a foreign language, idioms are often the hardest phrases to translate. Without studying English idioms, it can be easy to misunderstand what is being said. We hope the list below can help you out.

The most commonly used English idioms for happy and happiness

Be on cloud nine – To feel ecstatic and overjoyed.

After more than a year of dating, I asked Jane to marry me and she said “yes!” I’m on cloud nine!


Be full of the joys of spring – This idiom expresses energy, delight, and enthusiasm. It also means a “youthful energy.”

I felt full of the joys of spring after the second date with him. I was smiling all day!


A happy camper – someone who is satisfied or contented with his/her situation in life.

My friend is such a happy camper at the moment. He’s bought a new house and a new car, has a new girlfriend, and is just generally in a good place. 


Like a dog with two tails – to be extremely happy.

I finally got my driver’s license, so I feel as happy as a dog with two tails!


Paint the town red – to celebrate a wonderful happening or achievement; a party.

(In this idiom, the color red represents brightness and happiness.)

We’ve won the cheerleading competition, and so the whole team is going to paint the town red tonight!


Be over the moon – describes a person who feels ecstatic and wonderful after achieving something great.

Man on top of the world
To be on top of the world

I was over the moon when my professor approved my thesis. I spent the whole week worrying!

Enjoying the list? Here’s more!

Be on top of the world – This is one of the idioms for happy that is used to express extreme joy and happiness. There is even a song about happiness with the same title, by the Carpenters. You probably know it!

My father was on top of the world when he got his long-awaited promotion. 


As happy as a clam – They say, when the clams are open, it means that they are smiling. Usually, clams open during high tide, when there are no predators. The complete version of this English idiom is “As happy as a clam at high tide.”

Crizza is a bookworm. It is the reason why she is as happy as a clam whenever she comes across libraries and book sales. 

Be in seventh heaven – It pertains to a “perfect” state of happiness and contentment.

James was in seventh heaven when the announcer confirmed that he got first place in the essay writing competition. 


Be walking on air – This expression is used to describe someone who seems to be floating out of happiness.

I’ve been walking on air since my content was published in the leading news magazine. 

Woman grinning from ear to ear
Grin from ear to ear

Having a whale of a timeThis is one of the idioms for happy to describe someone who is having an enjoyable moment, who is having a great time.

The whole family had a whale of a time during our summer trip to Disneyland. 

Grin from ear to ear – when a person smiles broadly due to extreme joy and delight.

The champion athlete was grinning from ear to ear as he walked to the stage to receive his trophy. 

Music to your ears – to hear a fantastic piece of information.

The excellent sales report for May was music to the ears of the sales marketing manager. 


Other Phrases You Can Use to Express Happiness

To be tickled pink – someone is extremely pleased with something.

My mother was tickled pink when she received the bouquet of tulips from my father. 


A barrel of laughs – This expression describes someone pleasant and funny.

Whenever Ashley is around, I can’t help but smile. She’s indeed a barrel of laughs!


To be in one’s element – for someone to be in a situation that suits them, or to be in the right place that makes them comfortable.

It’s easy to tell that my grandfather is in his element when he’s teaching us to fix a car. 


Footloose and fancy-free – This idiom expression pertains to someone who’s happy because he/she is free from commitments and responsibilities.

If there’s any consolation for me, a single woman, it’s being footloose and fancy-free, and I intend to enjoy it for a long time. 


To be in full swing – For an event to be fully engaged, and with a lively atmosphere.

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived. We quickly joined the fun.


A guilty pleasureThis is one of the idioms for happy implying that one is enjoying something, while at the same time feeling quite guilty about it.

I know the movie doesn’t suit my age, but watching them behind closed doors has been my guilty pleasure. 


Child having a ball playing in fountain
Having a ball

To be happy-go-lucky – to be carefree and cheerful all the time.

The freshman seems to be a happy-go-lucky guy. He’s all smiles since he set his foot in this room. 


Have a ball – to have a great time. To enjoy yourself.

The kids performed well in their examinations. I’ll make sure they have a ball when we go and celebrate on Saturday.


Additional Idioms for Happy to Explore!

To let one’s hair down – to take a break and enjoy yourself for a while.

You’re working day and night. Come on, let your hair down for a while and come with us to the party. 


Have the time of your life – This idiom for happy means to enjoy a moment very much.

I traveled to Norway for the first time last month, and I can definitely say I had the time of my life. The place is just marvelous. 


To jump for joy – It means to express happiness through gestures and movements.

The MVP jumped for joy when he scored the winning shot. 


Call no man happy ’til he dies – This idiom means that we cannot tell if a person’s life is happy as many changes can happen while he/she lives.

Brent is always in the good mood because of his lovely wife. But unfortunately, his wife got sick and passed away untimely. Since then, Brent seemed to have retreated from the world. That’s when I remember the saying call no man happy ‘til he dies.


Here’s another set!

Happy pill – It pertains to someone or something that can make a person happy.

I hate waiting for weekends to spend time with my kids. Those little ones are my happy pill. 


Happy hour – This idiomatic expression usually pertains to a moment wherein bars and restaurants offer their goods at a much lower price.

The bar at the town’s capital offers a happy hour during weekends. 


Woman grinning like the Cheshire cat
To grin like the Cheshire cat

Grin like a Cheshire cat – happiness is evident on someone’s face. To smile broadly.

Even since Paul got married to the love of his life, I always catch him grinning like a Cheshire cat. 


A happy accident – When a good thing happens by surprise. An unexpected benefit.

When I went to the shops to buy milk I bumped into Jean. That was a happy accident, because I had totally forgotten to invite her to the party. So I invited her then. 


To be as happy as a pig in clover – it means someone is extremely satisfied in their life situation.

I’m running two departments, organizing company events, and training the new staff. It might sound stressful, but actually I love it. I’m as happy as a pig in clover. 

According to English language experts, there are over twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions in the English vocabulary. These phrases can come up at home, in class, or even at your workplace. So whatever your profession is, even if English is not your native tongue, no doubt learning these idioms for happy / happiness will be helpful. However, remind yourself that you can’t just stop from this list. You should try to use them in your interactions and conversations.

Learning English Idioms is Fun!

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