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The best English learning apps for mobile devices are within easy reach. Find out how they can make a big difference to your learning progress today.

People may debate the pros and cons of using mobile apps for learning, but in these technology-driven times, they are increasingly becoming the go-to option for English language learners. The use of mobile applications, particularly in education, has been steadily rising. According to estimates, for every student, there is at least one education-related application installed on his/her mobile phone.

Adaptive learning and language proficiency are now easily attainable with the following mobile apps, making learning English a never-ending process. Keep reading to find out more!

The Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in Education

In the past, students were limited to classroom teachings for their education, but today, the possibilities for learning are endless. Thanks to the rise of educational apps, language learning and other forms of education can now take place anytime and anywhere. Mobile apps make it possible to overcome the lack of access to valuable information. They are the future of education.

Students tend to use their mobile devices throughout the day. With the advent of eLearning, students can learn anywhere at any time. Everything is one click away. The following are the considerable benefits of using mobile apps in education:

best mobile apps for learning English

1. They save money.

Books and other study materials can be costly. Mobile apps feature a plethora of educational resources that are available 24/7. Using apps is favorable for those who cannot afford study materials.

2. They make learning fun.

Apps are interactive. Most of the time, difficult topics can be fun when presented differently — perhaps in the form of a game. Games also make the learning process exciting and motivating — no more boring lectures.

3. They focus on individualized learning.

Students have different ways of learning. Others are fond of reading, while some resort to visual and auditory aids. Learning can be challenging in a class of 40 students. However, by using apps, students can study using their methods and at their pace.

4. They offer portability.

Cellular phones are portable. Learners can use mobile apps to learn different concepts even if they aren’t in class. Learning isn’t confined to the four walls of the classroom anymore; it can occur wherever and whenever students like.

5. They enhance classroom performance.

Students are more likely to get higher grades since using mobile apps for learning motivates them to study eagerly. If they are confused with a particular concept, they can always type it on the search bar and research it as many times as they like.

The English Learning Apps for Mobile

Mobile apps are changing the landscape of English learning. You might want to supplement your regular English lessons with something a bit more. Improve your English proficiency even when you are on the move! Check out the list of the best English learning apps for mobile.

best mobile apps for learning English

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is for those who already have a background in the English language. This app features countless lessons in a simple and easy-to-use interface. It splits the topics into business English, casual English, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Furthermore, BBC Learning English offers short videos of around 1 – 5 minutes, wherein transcripts are available for every video. New discussions are added every day, and you can create your study program. What’s notable about this app is it has downloadable audio programs called 6-minute English, 6-minute Grammar, and 6-minute Vocabulary that you can listen to whenever you want. Indeed, one of the most excellent apps, where you can learn about the English language extensively.


Memrise teaches a language in a way that you won’t even notice that you’re studying it. The app showcases fun educational video clips and addictive quiz-type games and offers more than the English language. You can also learn Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and many other languages! Memrise has a feature where you can choose a learning path to follow. You can set daily goals to stay motivated.

Additionally, if you are proficient enough, you can create your course. Teaching others is a great way to keep everything you have learned intact. When it comes to vocabulary, Memrise uses the flashcard method, which is incredibly helpful when you are a beginner and want to enhance your vocabulary. On top of all of those, it even has offline support!

Hello Talk

What makes this app great is that it allows you to practice your English by talking to people worldwide. It offers the practical approach that most English learners need. You can search for any language partner of your choice. Moreover, it has podcasts, games, and one-on-one chat sessions with foreign language teachers! Use Hello Talk to practice your English via text, audio, or video calls for free! Its prominent feature is the course called Hello Words, where it only takes a couple of minutes to improve your English vocabulary.


When it comes to English learning apps, Duolingo is widely considered the most popular app in the world. Users are fond of the leaderboard challenge in which you can compete with other players. Yes, it is a game, and it is one where you can acquire many vocabulary words and learn grammar structures as you progress. By using this app for a few minutes daily, you can already speak basic English. After every lesson, Duolingo introduces new words based on the topic you chose. Furthermore, it supports over a dozen languages. One of the app’s standout features is its progress tracking system, which allows users to keep track of their learning goals and monitor their progress. Plus, every language course offered by the app is completely free!


Italki is an app where you can learn English by going to one-on-one lessons with native speakers. It connects students and teachers from all over the globe. The application offers personalized learning in which you can choose your teacher and set your schedule. You can forget about monthly subscriptions because Italki is a pay-per-lesson type. Whether you are at home or on the bus, you can always find suitable teachers for the learning that you need.


If you are a beginner who knows little to no about the English language, then Babbel is the app for you. It features an excellent way to figure out the basics without spending a considerable amount of time. It helps ESL learners obtain simple conversational skills because they are split according to real-life scenarios like how to introduce themselves, order food, and ask for directions. Since many ESL students struggle with new words, Babbel primarily focuses on vocabulary. You can learn English and 13 other languages with over 60,000 language courses.

Rosetta Stone

Mainly designed for travelers, Rosetta Stone showcases greetings, expressions, and phrases in any language. It has a variety of pronunciation exercises that provide instant feedback and is completely ad-free. It offers a platform where you can talk to native speakers and schedule a tutorial. Many praise Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition because it is designed to recognize and correct non-native speakers’ pronunciation. It would help if you considered trying this app for those who want to learn how to speak English with a near-native accent.

Hello English

It is easy to get started with this app. Hello English lets you choose your level of proficiency — beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The app offers an impressive 475 video and audio interactive lessons on conversational English, grammar, and vocabulary. If you have questions about translation and grammar, you can ask a teacher. Additionally, Hello English has multiplayer games and quizzes that will help you learn with fellow ESL students worldwide.


Busuu has over 90 million users. The lessons included are the usual spelling, writing, speaking, and reading. You can study up to 12 languages by using this app. It has specialized courses to fit your needs and permits you to organize your study schedule with its study plan feature. Furthermore, what makes this app different from others is that it lets you earn official language certificates — for the right price, of course.

Learn English Phrases

Speak with confidence. Learning English Phrases works best for those who want to speak English with the right accent. It allows you to record your voice, so you can hear how you sound. If you have no internet connection, that wouldn’t be a problem because it has offline support. Make sure you have this app installed when you are traveling to a foreign country. You might need it more than you think.

Sentence Master Pro

Sentence Master Pro is a hybrid between an educational and gaming app. It targets those who want to learn English in a fun way. It also guides students by using real-world contexts. The app is divided into levels: beginner, competent, professional, and expert. It also features a level called proverbs and sayings, which is famous for those who want to learn about common English expressions and idioms. Do you have what it takes to be the sentence master? Download this app to find out.

To sum it up, these user-friendly apps are a fantastic way to start your journey as an English student or enhance your skills as an advanced learner. They make the traditional learning process fun and motivating. Learning the language doesn’t always require books and classroom discussions. You can study on the go by using the best English learning apps for mobile.

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