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Do you want to learn English for a professional or personal cause? Check out the best online English courses in this post!

Before technology took over the world, learning a new language was confined to the four walls of a classroom. It meant physically attending classes, which became the working population’s primary problem for those with complicated schedules. Now, as computers and mobile phones continue to dominate the landscape, learners can easily find and enroll in online courses that fit their busy schedules and offer convenient and effective language learning opportunities!

Read on and find out the best online English courses that suit your time and needs!

best online courses for learning English

Top Tips for Succeeding in Online Courses

eLearning has come a long way; however, it also presents challenges compared to traditional learning. For some learners, the shift from physical to online classes can be daunting. It can be troublesome to adjust to the new virtual learning space. Failure to plan prospectively can affect your academic performance. So, better make sure to follow these tips on how to succeed in online courses!

Set a daily goal.

Not only are classes mentally draining, but they can be physically draining as well. There are days when you want to chill and sit around doing nothing. Setting a goal every day is the most effective way to keep yourself productive and motivated to finish the entire online course. You have something to work for that can keep you focused. Establishing a specific goal within a given time frame is easier to keep track of than working toward a general goal like “finish this English course.” Examples of relevant daily goals are learning 20 vocabulary words, passing the grammar exam, and finishing a chapter about common English expressions.

Manage your time.

Self-paced learning and time flexibility are the most significant benefit of online courses. However, it requires excellent time management skills to succeed. Just because there isn’t a professor around to remind you of approaching deadlines doesn’t mean you can slack off. Manage your time wisely. You can make a study plan to remind you of the schoolwork that needs to be done and submitted. Prevent procrastinating and cramming your way through deadlines.

Free yourself from distractions.

You can be tempted to doze off or do something besides listening to your English teacher. It’s easy to do that without a professor minding what you are doing or classmates near you. You can quickly get distracted since you are in the comfort of your home. With distractions in the way, it can significantly affect your ability to be productive. The best way to counter this is to work in an area free from distractions and outside noise. Dedicate a specific quiet study area. Put your mobile phone on airplane mode, so you won’t be tempted to scroll and click away.

Remember to take short breaks.

Studying for long periods can be exhausting, especially when you’re attending virtual classrooms. It can also lead to burnout. It is better to take short breaks between study sessions. You can try using the Pomodoro technique. Set your alarm to 25 minutes, and every time it goes off, take a short break. Once you’ve achieved four 25-minute sessions, give yourself a more extended break. In this way, your brain can recharge itself and be at an optimal level. Taking regular study breaks can improve both attention span and focus. You can also stretch, take a walk, or drink coffee, and then you can return to your study desk refreshed.

Learn English from the comfort of your home. Take a look at the best online English courses!

Online English courses offer an excellent way of learning the language whenever and wherever you like. Moreover, it lets you incorporate your studies into your busy schedule. Interested? Here are the best online English courses:

best online courses for learning English

· edX

Created by Harvard and MIT, edX is an educational platform that offers university-level courses taught by experienced professors. Two of the most popular English courses they offer are Conversational English Skills and English Grammar and Style, both with interactive lessons. If you find it challenging to start a conversation with a native speaker, you should enroll in the Conversational English Skills course. On the other hand, English Grammar and Style presents lessons that cover grammar, writing style, word usage, punctuation, and sentence structure. Each course has quizzes and activities that will help in your journey of learning the English language. Both courses come at an affordable cost.

· Udemy

The English courses on Udemy are either free or affordable. They use written materials or video lectures suitable for those who want a flexible learning strategy to choose between watching lectures and reading modules. You can take courses that last for a few hours or longer, which may take up to hundreds of hours. Udemy has project-based classes requiring students to accomplish tasks related to real-life situations like writing a business email. It is perfect for those who would like to enhance their communication skills. With its visual and interactive approach to learning, students are more likely to learn English efficiently. Whatever course you choose, rest assured that you will learn skills to help you succeed in this English-immersed world.

· EnglishClass101

Englishclass101 is one of the most reliable online English courses. They offer bang-for-the-buck classes that will undoubtedly teach you a thing or two about the language. Their lessons, either in audio or video format, are slow-paced. You won’t have to worry about those complicated topics. Notes are available to download after every session. Furthermore, they have well-structured and frequently updated lessons based on what you need — grammar, writing, cultural norms, or speaking. You may take quizzes after watching the discussions. If you are the type of student who has plenty of questions after every lesson, you can ask the teacher via private messenger. You can also request a one-on-one with him/her.

Additionally, EnglishClass101 has a forum where students can talk to one another and help each other out. They have three levels of membership: basic, premium, and premium+. They offer free membership, but it comes with no additional tools or features.

· ABA English

ABA English’s online course has 144 units with six levels, from A1 Beginners to Business C1. You can access the course on your phone, pc, or tablet. Every unit begins with a short ABA Film where native speakers act out everyday real-life situations. The short films make it easier for ESL learners to progress through the lessons. They also have more than a thousand exercises in grammar, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and 144 video lessons with subtitles in your native language.

You can take a proficiency test to know your level of comprehension of the English language. For each level that you complete, you will get an official ABA English certificate. You can access many lessons for free, but paying an affordable price for the premium features goes a long way. With premium, you can access the full content, and an English native teacher to ask questions or request private sessions.

· Coursera

ESL students have a variety of courses they can choose from. You don’t have to be a beginner to take an online course on Coursera. They have classes for native speakers who want to enhance their social skills for professional needs. If you are a beginner, you can take courses to help you become fluent. There are courses from different well-known universities, which means you can directly learn from the experts. As motivation, Coursera shows how people benefited — either they started a new job or got promoted — after they finished the course. Before deciding on taking a course, you can also assess your proficiency level by taking a quick exercise to know if the course is right for you.

· USA Learns

There are 3 English courses on the USA Learns that you can access for free. You need to register first to access any of the courses. The first course is intended for beginners. It covers topics like time, weather, places, clothes, etc. There are also courses for intermediate learners to learn about news reports, U.S. housing and family life, U.S. taxes, etc. Your progress and test scores will be saved after every session. You can also repeat any activity as many times as you want.

USA Learns offers a course called U.S. Citizenship to help you prepare for the U.S. citizenship interview. There are four units: Steps to Becoming a U.S. Citizen, N-400 Interview Practice, Civics, Reading and Writing Practice, Your Interview, and New Citizenship. The units will provide the necessary information and practice that you will need for citizenship.

With the importance of technology in daily life, it’s not surprising that eLearning is becoming popular in improving language proficiency. Being proficient in English gives way to new opportunities at work, travel, and education. While some online courses come at a cost, the additional resources and tools that can be accessed will surely help ESL students. Whatever your age, objective, or English proficiency level, English courses will provide the right tools and lessons to assist you in focusing on language concepts that mostly need improvements. Learn from the comfort of your home, and choose from the best online English courses.

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