Free English Phrasal Verb Activities


English phrasal verbs are extremely important! Here you can find free English phrasal verb activities. Put up or put off? End up or get down? English phrasal verbs are used all the time, and from speaking to writing. So, test yourself below!


How many phrasal verbs do you know? Choose the correct form!


Are you looking for free English phrasal verb activities? Download the worksheet below!


Which is the correct phrasal verb?


  1. My boyfriend is always complaining. I can’t put up/pick up with it anymore – I’m going to break up with him.Break up with a partner


  1. My girlfriend and I broke up/broke down. We wanted different things from our relationship.


  1. If I don’t get a break from work soon I’m going to break out/break down. I’m so stressed!


  1. I feel like my life is just the same problems repeated again and again. I need to break out/look out of this pattern. Maybe I should change jobs.


  1. When I don’t know the meaning off an English word, I look it out/look it up in the dictionary.


look something up in a dictionary

  1. Abdi fell asleep for most of the flight, and when he woke up and looked out/looked up the window he could see Mount Fuji below.


  1. Sam and Steve were hoping to take a couple’s vacation, but just couldn’t find anyone to look after/look at their children.


How are you doing so far?


Now try our free English phrasal verb activities – part 2



  1. Sharla was looking for a pen in her desk when she came over/came across her old diary.


  1. I overslept! I usually get up/stand up at 9, but it’s already 11!Do you get up early or late?


  1. We carried over/carried out the teacher’s instructions carefully.


  1. I didn’t take all my vacations this year, but it’s ok. They will carry over/carry out into next year.


  1. When you get to the hospital, you will need to fill in/fill out a few forms.


13. This house is a mess! We really need to clean out/clean up.Clean up a dirty room


  1. It’s important to back up/back out your computer hard drive every few weeks.


  1. Shaun was only going to have one drink at the party, but he ended up/gave up drinking until 3am and falling asleep on the floor.


How did you do with these English phrasal verb activities free? Did you understand the nuance of each one? If not, you shouldn’t worry! Even fluent speakers of English might have difficulty explaining why one is correct, thought they would know that only one is right! That’s why it is important to connect with a teacher – like with the teachers and English speakers at Denwa Sensei!


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