The present perfect is a simple but very important grammar form when learning English. It is used to talk about past experiences without giving a specific time. However, the grammar of the present perfect is easier to understand than the nuance.  You can use the free English present perfect practice activities below to make sure you understand!


Are you looking for free English present perfect practice activities?

Below, you can test yourself and improve your English with these language samples! You can also find a free worksheet below!


Which is the correct form? Remember – not all of these statements can use the present perfect tense!


  1. I have been/went to Paris twice, but want to go again soon!Have you ever been abroad?


  1. She has been/went to Paris last year, but wants to go again soon!


  1. I have never been/didn’t go to a foreign country, but I am saving so I can.


  1. Last year I have never been/didn’t go to a foreign country, but I will this year.


  1. I have never visited/didn’t visit Rome, but I love Roman history.Have you ever visited Rome?


  1. He loves Roman history, and he visited/has visited Rome many times.


  1. I tried/have tried bungee jumping last summer, and it was terrifying!


Have you ever tried bungee jumping?

  1. We tried/have tried bungee jumping a few times, but don’t want to do it again.


  1. I tried/have tried snowboarding last winter, and it was amazing.


  1. He is trying/has been trying to learn English for years.


12. I saw/have seen a ghost last night!


13. Did you/Have you ever seen a ghost?How long have you been studying English?


14. This is the worst movie I saw/have seen.


15. It was the most delicious food I ate/have eaten in my life.


How did you do with these free English present perfect practice activities? Did you understand the nuance of each one? If not, you shouldn’t worry! Even fluent speakers of English might have difficulty explaining why one is correct, thought they would know that only one is right! That’s why it is important to connect with a teacher – like with the teachers and English speakers at Denwa Sensei!


You can download these as a worksheet here:


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Download free English present perfect activities worksheet here