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Do you want to converse with native English speakers from your home? Start your journey at the top 10 English only forum sites!

top forum sites to learn English

Whether you find yourself in a region where English is not your native tongue or if English serves as your second language, it’s undeniable that English has become a global language. The ability to speak and understand it promotes connectivity and paves the way to discovering more about various lifestyles, places, and opportunities.

If you’re seeking ways to enhance your English learning journey, look no further than these free forum sites dedicated exclusively to English. By immersing yourself in these interactive communities, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in language exchange, participate in discussions, access valuable tips, and discover a plethora of resources.

Read on and find out why you should be visiting these free forum sites today!

Why take time to study English?

English could be your saving grace. Imagine facing an emergency where you are in a foreign country, and you badly need help. Speaking in your dialect probably won’t save you since obviously, you’re in another territory. What will you do then? Will you hysterically act out what you need ­— flailing your arms back and forth desperately trying to make them understand what you’re trying to say? Although you could do that, the most effective way to go through this would probably be to speak English. If you’re lucky enough, others will understand you and eventually give you the helping hand you need. After all, one out of five people knows the language.

With the rapid spread of social media usage, it will give you access to a wide array of information found on the internet since English is the default language of it all. It is used in business, health, science — everything you could think of.

Believe it or not, it is easier to study English compared to other languages. Considering its popularity, the resources available for learning it are widespread. Although learning it may not be easy as one-two-three, taking enough time to understand it fluently will help you grow not only professionally, but also personally. Yes, it is not easy to get used to the pronunciations, but I assure you; it’s worth it.

Interested? Take a look at the top 10 free English only sites to learn English!

Top Free English only Sites to Learn English in a Jiffy!

Dave’s ESL Cafe Student Discussion Forums

As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. At Dave’s ESL Café, you can find many users who will answer your questions and talk to you in English. Once you’ve posted, you can expect a lot of interaction, and before you even realize it, you’re already learning the basics of the language!

The forum seeks to connect both students and teachers wherever they may be in the world. Its index includes discussions about computers, health and fitness, food, music, travel, and pretty much anything you’re looking for. It also provides a variety of resources like quizzes and grammar lessons.

English Forward Forums

If you want to move forward, then go and visit English Forward. It features a quick response time. Don’t believe me? Please take a look at the top part of the site; it shows how many minutes it takes to answer questions. Usually, it averages from 20-30 minutes. It has over a thousand users every day who provide reliable answers to each question posted on the site.

The forum designates tabs for students, teachers, forums, news, and blog. It introduces easy access and reduces spam posts to a minimum. It includes a plethora of resources from pronunciation videos to exercises and games. English Forward lets you choose the language displayed on its user interface, so you won’t have to click randomly to know what tab you should go to.

The Free Dictionary Language Forums

The site’s simple user interface makes it great for people who want to learn with literally just a single click. From the name of the forum itself, it offers its dictionary and thesaurus that will help with those long and complicated English words that you may have difficulty in understanding.

The Free Dictionary Language Forums host professionals from different fields like engineering, architecture, and health. Be part of a community of professionals who willingly share their knowledge and actual experiences with topics related to work. The website also includes forums for other languages like Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, etc. It is handy for those who want to learn more not only about different dialects but also cultures.

Easy World of English (EWE)

Easy World of English’s picture dictionary provides an interactive way to expand your vocabulary. It illustrates pictures together with the pronunciation of common English words. By stimulating both senses of sight and hearing, the developers hope to expedite the learning process.

It has lessons that are streamlined for effectiveness. All courses have exercises afterward; all of which can be printed out. The site focuses on four areas: pronunciation, grammar structure, vocabulary acquisition, and reading comprehension. It boasts a flexible learning system that allows users to improve their English at their own pace.

EnglishLD Discussion Board

Amidst this global pandemic, it may be challenging to find your study buddy. Worry no more, and find a language partner in an instant! EnglishLD provides a feature that helps you find a language partner to chat with. Ultimately, this will help in in-depth studying and practicing.

After reading and listening to English transcripts with audio, an exam about vocabulary improvement and reading comprehension may be taken after. High-quality discussions are available on forums which present a voting system that ranks the most appropriate answers.

English Language and Usage on Stack Exchange

Suppose you’re looking for a quick question-and-answer, head on to English Language and Usage on Stack Exchange. You won’t have to go through all the replies on a particular post, just the one directly below the question — the top most-voted one. Since the site’s goal is to acquire quick but accurate answers, it provides an edit option where users can edit answers to fix mistakes or just improve their format.

Moreover, it has a list of rooms where you can chat with fellow users about topics you want to discuss. Although creating and joining a room requires a certain amount of reputation — the pointing system on the forum — you can earn it quickly by answering questions from other users.

English, Baby! Forums

Perhaps learning English from a celebrity will motivate you enough to spend an extended amount of time on English, Baby! Forums. It caters to short videos of celebrities speaking English. After watching the video, you can study the transcript or go straight to the exercises provided. A discussion is also provided wherein users can listen to the full lesson and ask questions after.

Its database provides over 15,000 words for vocabulary expansion. Aside from that, it has daily English lessons that include idioms and slang. Members may post short quizzes to test each other’s range of skills.

WordReference Forums

The forum offers several linguistic topics not only for English learners but also for other languages like Spanish, French, etc. It also has an accurate translation dictionary that helps when you’re stuck on a complicated word. The forums are dedicated to discussion on things related to either studying or teaching English as a secondary language.

Additionally, the site maintains a forum for cultural discussions where users can talk about the differences in their own culture and lifestyle. It covers an online conversation that is well-structured and enables interactive knowledge construction.

Linguaholic Language Forums

Discussions about study apps, translations, learning resources, and website promotions can be found on this website. The diversity of its features is excellent for learners who are focused on studying the language thoroughly. As every user has his/her standards as to what they consider as learning techniques, the forums on Linguaholic encourage interactive learning where everyone can share his/her techniques.

The site showcases the Linguablog which has content about the common mistakes in English grammar and usage of punctuation marks. Additionally, blogs about other languages like German, Japanese, and Spanish are there as well. Perfect for those who want to be multilingual!

Learn English Forum

At Learn English Forum, countless categories about English lessons are available. It includes discussions, riddles and word games that will surely be fun and educational at the same time. Furthermore, forums are also provided for those who want to discuss general topics, fashion, films, and health. What set it apart from others are the members who have situational lessons like how to answer job interviews or how to ask for directions.

You can create groups with other users who share the same goals as you. It features free learning resources and member-made exercises to test writing skills. Overall, it is a well-designed website that focuses on a collaborative learning experience.

Enhance Your Skills by Visiting These Top Free English Only Sites to Learn!


top forum sites to learn English

With slim chances of attending face-to-face discussions about this pandemic, the best way to learn English would be by engrossing oneself in free English forums. Simply chatting away with a native English speaker could already go a long way. Most people argue that interaction on platforms promotes participative learning. Interpersonal conversations have proven their effectiveness for learners who develop language skills by socially communicating online.

The beauty of of English learning platforms is that they they can personalize your way of learning. Whether you learn by listening, reading, or writing, various websites offer alternative techniques that may be tailored for your efficiency. Learn at your own pace by using your choice of learning method.

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